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Graduate Pack

We understand that job search can be daunting especially for interns and entry level graduates. To ease this stress, we carefully crafted a graduate pack which is the sole kit you need to land yourself your dream job.

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The kit you need to land yourself that your dream job

  • E-book guide for job search

    Ultimate Job Search Guide

    This is an e-book that contains all you need to know from personal branding to nailing that interview

  • Good CV

    Free CV Review

    A consultant will look at your CV and recommend comprehensive changes you need to make to your CV.

  • Career Consulting

    Career Consultation

    We will call you for one hour to discuss and understand your career needs. We may require that you complete some tasks in the process.

Benefits of graduate pack

Benefits of the Graduate Pack

  • You will be getting the only book that you need to nail an internship and to get a graduate offer afterwards.
  • We will give you FREE CV Review - we will send you a detailed review of changes you need to make on your CV.
  • You will enjoy one-hour free consultation with a career expert at MyJobMag.
  • We will discuss your future aspirations and advise you based on the career data we have amassed over the years.
  • With our graduate pack, you are way ahead of your “mates”.
How we will deliver your graduate pack

How we will deliver your graduate pack

  1. Make payment of ₵35 online
  2. After payment, send your payment details to [email protected]
  3. We will deliver your Ultimate Job Search Guide to your email in 12 hours.
  4. Afterwards, a service representative will contact you with a unique link to access our premium templates and automatically build your CV
  5. We will include your email in our priority database and will be sending your notifications as we discover opportunities.
frequently asked question about graduate pack

Frequently Asked Questions