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How To Get An NGO Job in Ghana

Updated on Dec 05, 2019 10845 views
How To Get An NGO Job in Ghana

Do you want to land an NGO Job in Ghana?

Before you say you are not interested because they do not pay well. Let me give you a shocker!

Some NGOs offer attractive salaries and benefits to their staff.

Working with a non-governmental organization or NGO as it is popularly called can  be very fulfilling as you get to be of help to people in need and create positive changes in your immediate community.

However, before deciding whether to work in an NGO or not, it is important to realize that some NGOs are volunteering jobs.  Volunteering jobs are jobs where you are not paid for the work even though the activities you carry out in the name of the organization will be sponsored by them.

So if you are still interested in working an NGO, then I will share with you some secrets for getting a job with an NGO in Ghana


What is An NGO?

NGOs are non-governmental organizations that are set up not for profit. They are independent of government influence even though they may receive government funding. It is task-oriented and driven by people with a common interest.

NGOs are voluntary citizens groups organized locally, nationally or internationally for a variety of humanitarian services and functions.


What Do NGO’s Do?

Non-governmental organizations play an increasingly important role in international development. They serve as a funnel for development funds from individual donors in wealthy countries. At the same time, NGOs are frequently idealized as organizations committed to "doing good" while setting aside profit or politics.

Non-governmental organizations play important roles, often filling gaps which the government is unable to while complementing existing government activities. Some are organized for specific functions like:

  • Human Rights
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Develop communities
  • Promote Education
  • Microfinance
  • Agricultural development
  • Encourage social responsibility


7 Sure Ways to Get An NGO Job in Ghana

There are a lot of opportunities advertised in NGOs every year, but the first thing you need to do is decide exactly what it is you want to do.  What do you want to achieve? What drives you? What change do you want to see in the world? Take time to understand what you are passionate about and what will give you job satisfaction.

This will help you to significantly narrow down the type of work you want to do and what types of organizations you want to work for. Whether you want to work with refugees, animals, children, disabled people, war victims, the elderly or any other cause that you can think of, there will be an NGO providing solutions and opportunities.

Securing a job in an NGO is competitive. It is your personal qualities, skills, knowledge, and experience that will determine whether you can get your foot on that first step of the ladder. Invest in yourself and develop skills that are valuable to the role you want to do and the organization you want to work for.

1.    Identify which field you want to work:

As earlier stated, NGOs are organized for different functions. You have to identify which particular field you are passionate or enthusiastic about. For example, if you studied public health in the university, then working with an NGO that is in the health sector will give you a huge advantage.

2.    Join as a volunteer:

Volunteering is a sure way to boost your CV and a great way to network. And if you don’t know, working as a volunteer with an NGO is perhaps one of the best ways to get a job working with an NGO.

As a volunteer, you might find out about roles at the charity that might not be widely advertised. You will gain insights into the running of the charity, which you might not get as a regular volunteer. Be genuinely involved in the activities of the organization, show off your skills and you just might be staffed based on your performance as a volunteer.

3.   Be present and offer value:

It is not enough to just volunteer and not add any value to the organization. Be ready to take up responsibilities. Also, ensure that you have something to offer that will bring about maximum output. For example, have people skills, organization skills and so on.

4.    Watch out for job openings:

You can get loads of hints about available NGO jobs from the NGOs’ websites or use a job website in Ghana like ours. Many of them have websites that you can visit for information on the latest available job openings. Small charities are unlikely to advertise widely. If you keep track of nearby charities, you can send out speculative letters expressing your interest in working for them.

5.    Network with peers in other NGOs:

Getting a job generally is highly dependent on how well you can network. Talk with your peers who already are working in an NGO so they gave you an insider tip to available openings either with their own NGO or somewhere else.

 6.    Update your CV to showcase your skills:

Working in an NGO requires a broad knowledge base. There are specialist roles for those with the RIGHT degree and professional CVs, such as surveyors and engineers. If your CV is not properly written or updated, you might not be considered for a job that you even qualify for. You deserve to have your academic and professional background noticed and considered. You can subscribe to professional CV writing services here.

7.    Be prepared for the job interview:

Your performance in a job interview goes a long way to determine if you get the job or not regardless of your qualifications. Be bold, look decent and ace your interview with some crucial interview tips here.


3 Core Skills Needed to Work in An NGO.

  • Teamwork and people skills- Working in an NGO requires a lot of teamwork and relating with people on a steady basis. It is important for you who have an interest in not-for-profit organizations to properly develop your teamwork and people skills.
  • Speak another language- This is another vital skill that could come in handy in working in an NGO depending on your role and choice of organization. The ability to speak more than one language is usually valued and sometimes even demanded in some organizations especially in a foreign country.
  • Business awareness- Charities require a lot of funding. Business awareness will be an advantage because NGOs will be interested in employing people who can handle functions like planning, marketing, and negotiation, record keeping, accounting, budgeting, and finance generally for the organization.    


The Main Challenges of Working With An NGO.

•    Financial constraint- NGOs are organized by individuals who come together to put their money, time, and effort down for a particular cause. However, some of these organizations are constrained by limited funds and resources. This also restricts their activities unless there is external support from the government or other organizations.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi.

Working in an NGO helps to improve the community and the nation at large. It doesn’t matter what your experience is if you have the passion to support people you can find a job in an NGO.   

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