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UNDP ‘Waste’ Recovery Innovation Challenge (2nd Edition): Call for Concept Notes (Private Sector)

Updated on Jul 14, 2020 11917 views
UNDP ‘Waste’ Recovery Innovation Challenge (2nd Edition): Call for Concept Notes (Private Sector)

UNDP, under the auspices of the “Plastic Waste Recovery for a Circular Green Economy in Ghana” project with funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF) is launching the 2nd edition of the Waste Recovery Innovation Challenge (WRIC). The aim is to provide technical and financial support to business solutions that will promote and/or test innovative strategies for plastic waste recovery and management in Ghana.  

We are seeking to provide financial and technical support to businesses that have a good management structure; have the possibility of making profit in the short, medium and long term; create employment and other income generation opportunities especially for women and youth; and should lead to/contribute to bringing a lasting solution to plastic waste recovery and management challenge in a specific area/community or region in Ghana. Special consideration will be given to projects that contribute to COVID-19 response and recovery.

As a first step in the competition process, we are requesting interested entrepreneurs to submit a Concept Note to [email protected] by 24 July 2020, 5pm GMT. All concept notes should be developed and submitted using the ‘WRIC CONCEPT NOTE APPLICATION FORM’ template.  See further background information and guidelines in the ‘CALL FOR CONCEPT NOTE’ document.

This call for concept notes only applies to the private sector for business related projects, focusing on plastic waste recovery and management. The 2nd edition of WRIC is taking place within the broader framework of the Waste Recovery Platform, which is Ghana’s largest space for connecting ideas, people and resources for waste recovery in a circular economy context. With its four dimensions (1. Convening mechanism; 2. Digital platform; 3. Promoter of innovation; 4. Advocacy and awareness creation space) the Platform is  to:

  • facilitate more cost-effective and transparent access to ready data for evidenced-based planning on waste and sanitation management; 
  • enhance access to knowledge on best available technologies on waste recovery; 
  • make it easier to find/link solution providers and off-takers; stimulate research and innovation on waste recovery; and
  • create an online market place for waste resource exchange; and build capacity of key personnel (local government, private sector, NGOs and Academia) to enhance waste and sanitation management particularly at the decentralized level.

For more information or if you are interested in joining the Waste Recovery Platform, or knowing more about the plastic waste recovery project please contact: [email protected]

What is a Concept Note?

The Concept Note is the first step of the application process to the 2nd edition of the “Waste Recovery Innovation Challenge (WRIC)”. Applicants wanting to participate in the 2nd edition of WRIC must initially complete a Concept Note. The Concept Note allows applicants to briefly present how the proposed project responds to the plastic waste management challenges in the country in an innovative way. Concept notes that are successful at this stage will pass to the second stage of the competition where UNDP will ask applicants to submit a full business proposal to be prepared in a format provided by the UNDP, after which successful applicants will pitch their ideas or business venture to a panel for final selection and award.  

What are the Challenges that I need to address?

Your project will need to address the following:

  • Provides a sustainable solution to an existing plastic waste management challenge in a specific area in the area targeting second life stage/recovery and re-use of plastics, and aggregation/collection actions including working with the informal plastic collectors;
  • With the challenge of COVID-19, and taking into account the country’s effort to respond and recover from the pandemic, it is strongly encouraged that the proposal takes this into account, with solutions that will support the effort to recover and respond to the pandemic;
  • Demonstrates potential to be profitable and sustainable;
  • Has the potential to create employment;
  • Demonstrate impact at scale, and potential for replication.

How do I complete this Concept Note?

You can add the project information by typing in the spaces made available below for each question. The form must be completed in English.  The form must not exceed 8 pages in length and must be readable.  Please also refer to the Call for Concept Notes on the UNDP page.

How should I submit the Concept Note?

You should send the completed Concept Note, by email attachment, to us at: [email protected]  

What is the deadline for Concept Note submission?

The deadline for receipt of your application for this stage is no later than 24 JULY, 2020 AT 17.00GMT. Any application received after this date and time will not be accepted.

Read More About This Call here on the UNDP Website Via

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